Q: What is the difference between FordPass and FordPass Connect?

A: FordPass is an 'App' that customers can download onto their smart phones. FordPass Connect is a modem that is embedded within a Ford vehicle to connect that vehicle to the internet and provide the customer with new functionality such as Live Traffic information, and Wi-Fi Hotspot. FordPass Connect can enhance the functionality of the customers FordPass App giving them remote control of some vehicle features and the ability to receive Vehicle Health Alerts.

Q: Which cars and vans have FordPass Connect?

A: Currently you can have FordPass Connect on the All New Focus, Tourneo Connect and Transit Connect. We will also be launching the technology on Edge, Fiesta, EcoSport and Fiesta Van in 2018.

Q: How do I get FordPass Connect?

A: When you purchase your new Ford, your dealer will explain how to get FordPass Connect, and will help you activate the modem at your hand over. In 2018 FordPass Connect will be launched as a standard feature on All-New Focus Titanium, ST-Line X, Titanium X and Vignale vehicles and optional in All-New Focus Style, Zetec and ST-Line vehicles. Please see the build & price tool on www.ford.co.uk for specific availability. FordPass Connect will be made available on other vehicle models from 2018 to 2019.

Q: How do I get started and use FordPass Connect?

A: When you purchase a FordPass Connect equipped vehicle, you need to register a FordPass Account and link it to your car to fully activate FordPass Connect. Please ask your dealer for help or view our how to videos here:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_AQadacLqzkBfF0L_b6SsVcvf9nINQOg to get started. If you purchased a used Ford privately that features FordPass Connect make sure you perform a master reset of the SYNC system and connect your FordPass account.

Q: How is FordPass Connect activated with my smartphone?

A: FordPass Connect needs to be activated within the Move section of the FordPass App, and confirmed within the vehicle itself on the display screen. See our how to videos for detailed instructions: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_AQadacLqzkBfF0L_b6SsVcvf9nINQOg

Q: Are all the FordPass Connect services and features available on all cars and vans?

A: Currently eCall is only available on the All New Focus fitted with FordPass Connect, and you will only be able to remotely start your vehicle if you have an automatic transmission on Focus.

Q: Can I add FordPass Connect to my current car?

A: There is no aftersales fitment option to upgrade a vehicle to include FordPass Connect; this feature is only available on our newest models.

Q: How can I unsubscribe?

A: Your complimentary two-year trial of FordPass Connect does not automatically roll into a paid subscription so you will have no need to cancel the free trial.

Q: Will FordPass Connect work when I travel abroad?

A: Yes. Wi-Fi Hotspot connection may vary by country. These services and data roaming are available in the following countries United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

Q: When driving in another country, will there be extra costs?

A: No. There are no costs for using your FordPass Connect features i.e. Live Traffic, & Remote Features these are covered by your 2 Year Complimentary free trial. For eCall there will never be extra costs as this feature is free for the lifetime of the vehicle. Any Wi-Fi Hotspot bundles that you have purchased will also not incur any additional costs while you are visiting another country.

Q: Do I have to pay for FordPass Connect?

A: When you buy a new Ford with FordPass Connect you will receive a complimentary subscription for 2 years starting from your Warranty start date (excluding Wi-Fi data package). After the trial period, you will have the option to subscribe to FordPass Connect to continue using your vehicle's connected features.

Q: Can my family members connect their FordPass Accounts to FordPass Connect in my vehicle?

A: Yes, you can have up to 10 accounts connected to your FordPass Connect enabled vehicle. A new account can request access, and the primary account user can approve this. Subsequent new account requests can then be approved by authorised accounts (not just by the primary account holder). NOTE - The authorisation process is being revised so that only the Primary account holder can authorise access for new accounts.


·         Subscriptions

Q: When does your free two year FordPass Connect subscription start?

A: The starting point for the 2 year FordPass Connect subscription is linked to the Warranty start date.

Q: How much will FordPass Connect cost after the first 2 years?

A: After the two-year complimentary trial, a further two-year subscription to FordPass Connect (that does not include a Wi-Fi data plan services) will cost £89 including VAT. This will allow you to continue using your Remote Features within the FordPass App. These are indicative prices, current at the time of publication, we reserve the right to change pricing at any time without prior notice.

After the two-year complimentary trial, if you would like to continue using the Live Traffic Service to enhance your Navigation system it will cost £60 including VAT for a further two years. These are indicative prices, current at the time of publication, we reserve the right to change pricing at any time without prior notice.

After the two-year complimentary trial, a combined renewal price for both the FordPass Connect subscription and Live Traffic Service is available for £149 including VAT for a further two years. These are indicative prices, current at the time of publication, we reserve the right to change pricing at any time without prior notice.

Please note that there is no there is no automatic role over of service for either FordPass Connect or Live Traffic and no commitment to purchase after using the free trial. In all cases Wi-Fi data plan purchases are not included. If your FordPass Connect equipped vehicle has eCall that feature will remain free for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Q: If I do not have SYNC 3 Navigation am I still able to use the FordPass Connect Remote Features i.e. Lock & Unlock?

A: Yes, as long as you have activated your FordPass Connect Modem using a linked FordPass App.


    Wi-Fi Hotspot

Q: When does my 3 month or 3GB Wi-Fi Hotspot free trial begin?

A: The Wi-Fi Hotspot free trial subscription is only started when you activate via Vodafone & FordPass. Please see our 'How To'videos to see how:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_AQadacLqzkBfF0L_b6SsVcvf9nINQOg It is not linked to the Warranty start date or other subscriptions.

Q: How do I buy additional data once my free trial has run out?

A: To buy additional Data Bundles, just log in with your account on our partner's website, you can link to it through FordPass by clicking the Vehicle Hotspot button or when using a device that is connected to your vehicle's Wi-Fi Hotspot. Once there, go to "My plan and usage", and select which Data Bundle suits your needs and the payment method. Please be aware that the purchased Data Bundle can take a bit of time until it is ready to be used in your vehicle.

Q: What will Wi-Fi speed be? Download speed? Upload speed?

A: The FordPass Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot will receive up to 4G LTE speeds. LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a type of 4G technology that delivers the best performance and speeds available. This means that 4G LTE is about ten times faster than the older 3G technology. However, speeds will vary depending on network coverage.

Q: How easy is it to cancel a Wi-Fi Hotspot subscription?

A: When you purchase data for your Wi-Fi Hotspot you are buying bundles not an ongoing subscription. The bundles expire when your data runs out or when they reach their time limit. If you sell your car while you have an active bundle you can transfer the remaining data to another Ford vehicle. You are unable to transfer data to a non-Ford vehicle

Q: Can I change the SIM to one from another provider?

A: No, the SIM is embedded within the FordPass Connect System. This is to ensure a seamless experience when traveling across national borders.

Q: Can I have one Vodafone account for Wi-Fi and use in multiple Ford vehicles?

A: Yes, you can use your Vodafone account and data bundles across multiple Ford vehicles, but they cannot be used at the same time.

Q: Can I use Vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot when the vehicles Ignition is off?

A: Yes, but only after an ignition on. Vehicle Wi-Fi Hotspot will work for 30 minutes after the ignition has been turned off, as long as the key is in the car. The 30 minutes may be reduced if the health of the battery is at risk.

Q: Can I change the vehicle WI-Fi hotspot password?

A: Yes, please see the Wi-Fi Hotspot how to video:

Q: Can I change the vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot network name?

A: Yes, please see the Wi-Fi Hotspot how to video:

Q: Can I switch OFF the vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot?

A: Yes, you can do that within your Vehicle Hotspot menu.

Q: Can I setup my vehicle Wi-Fi hotspot as invisible for other devices?

A: Yes, you can do that within your Vehicle Hotspot menu.



Q: Where is the eCall button positioned?

A: On All-New Focus the eCall Button is located in the headline roof console. The Button is marked with a red SOS. To manually activate an eCall you have to click open the SOS cover and push the red button underneath.

Q: How does the eCall part of FordPass Connect work?

A: eCall automatically dials the emergency services after a serious accident. It will communicate the vehicle location and enable emergency call takers to contact the vehicle and check if the driver is conscious or not. Like Ford Emergency Assist, this is triggered when the airbag is deployed or the fuel pump switch is deactivated. However, eCall will work without the need to connect to a mobile phone creating seamless connectivity.

Q: Will making an eCall cost me money?

A: No. Ford has committed to cover all eCall related data costs for the life time of the vehicle.

Q: Do I need to renew my FordPass Connect subscription to continue using eCall after two years?

A: No. Ford has committed to cover all eCall related data costs for the life time of the vehicle.

Q: What if I press the red SOS button unintentionally?

A: Don't worry while the eCall is being placed you will receive an audible and visual warning from the car and you have 15 seconds to cancel it by pushing the red SOS button again.

Q: What happens if I have an accident in a place where there is poor reception or no mobile phone coverage is available?

A: An eCall will only fail to be made if there is zero available signal, this may be the case in some areas across Europe.

Q: What kinds of emergencies can eCall help me with?

A: The eCall and SOS button can help you with any emergency that occurs in the vehicle. Whether you have a serious accident, a medical emergency or you see an accident on the road and you want to alert the emergency services, just press the red SOS button.

Q: Will eCall always work?

A: Vehicle accidents are extremely unpredictable events. For the system to operate, the vehicle's electrical system and the wireless service provider's signal must be available. Although we have taken several measures to ensure functionality also under crash conditions (including a separate backup-battery) depending on the severity of the accident, the vehicle's systems could be damaged to such an extent that eCall would not be able to initiate or maintain a call.


    Remote Features

Q: How do I use Remote Features?

A: Watch our Remote Features How to film to learn all about it:

Q: How far away from the vehicle can I be when using the lock / unlock feature on the FordPass App?

A: Anywhere as long as your smartphone and the car have signal.


     Remote Start

Q: Can a vehicle that has been started remotely using the FordPass App be immediately driven?

A: Only if the key is inside the vehicle; a remotely started vehicle will not be able to be driven until the key is detected inside.

Q: What are possible features to activate via Remote Start (e.g. heated windscreen)?

A: When a vehicle is activated via Remote Start using the default settings it will activate the climate control, heated seats and steering wheel as if they were set to automatic mode. You can change this to replicate the last settings the vehicle was left in.

Q: Can I use Remote Start on a New Focus with a manual gearbox?

A: No. You can use the other FordPass Connect Remote Features via the FordPass App such as; Remote Lock & Unlock, Vehicle Status, Vehicle Health & Alerts etc.

Q: Is any automatic turn off integrated?

A: Yes, the Remote Start will only run for 5 minutes after you have turned it on.

Q: Isn't it illegal to remotely start your vehicle in Europe?

A: No, it is possible to use Remote Start legally within the European FordPass Connect Markets. The user must use the feature responsibly and understand what is permissible and reasonable in his/her given situation. The functionality has been designed so that it can be used in a reasonable, safe and non-excessive way.

Q: Can I schedule Remote Start on my All New Focus every morning?

A: You cannot schedule a Remote Start. The functionality has been designed so that it can be used in a reasonable, safe and non-excessive way. You will need to initiate each Remote Start within the FordPass App.


    Live Traffic

Q: What are the benefits of FordPass Connect vs. mobile tethering for Live Traffic?

A: FordPass Connect provides Traffic updates every 2 minutes for all roads not just major routes and the associated data costs are covered within your FordPass Connect subscription.

Q: How do I use Live Traffic?

A: Watch our Live Traffic How to film to learn all about it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_AQadacLqzkBfF0L_b6SsVcvf9nINQOg

Q: Is there a difference between Live Traffic from FordPass Connect and the Live Traffic available now on the FordPass via AppLink?

A: Yes, FordPass Connect Live Traffic is fully integrated into your SYNC Navigation system providing you with a seamless experience, so no more wires are needed. FordPass Connect Live Traffic also displays traffic incidents on all roads, while the FordPass Live Traffic via AppLink only covers major roads.

Q: Live Traffic - do you receive a notification to accept a better route or does it automatically take you on the new route?

A: The system automatically re-routes during a journey. At the start of a journey various routes can be viewed and then chosen by checking the 'Traffic List' option within the Navigation menu.

Q: Who provides the data for live traffic updates?

A: Live Traffic information uses over 100 different sources. It uses information collected from a variety of devices including vehicle sensor data, smartphones, PNDs, road sensors and connected cars. Incidents such as accidents and construction are monitored as they happen, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


    Data Privacy

Q: What (personal) data is shared with Ford and for what purposes?

A: Please see full details within our Connected Car privacy policy page on the Ford website https://www.ford.co.uk/useful-information/connected-car-privacy-policy

Q: My dealer told me that my car will be connected when it arrives. What does that mean?

A: Your vehicle will be delivered in a partially activated mode, connected to Ford's cloud so that you can have the latest modem software on the vehicle when you take delivery and give you an easier FordPass Connect activation experience. In this mode, the vehicle will share information about its connected status with Ford, which we anonymise for product improvement purposes.

Q: Can I prevent FordPass Connect from using my data?

A: You can set certain preferences for the collection of connected vehicle information through the infotainment system's settings in your vehicle. See the Connected Car privacy policy on the Ford website for more information

Q: What about FordPass Connect tracking me and knowing where I am?

A: FordPass Connect does not track you. You are in control of when FordPass Connect uses your location to provide you services, like with Live Traffic updates. If you have turned off Location sharing it will only be overridden if your vehicle is equipped with eCall and this functionality is triggered by a serious accident. In this emergency situation your location will be communicated to the emergency services in line with EU Law.

Q: What data is collected?

A: Depending on the services and functionality customers select, FordPass Connect can send data, ranging from location and operational information to diagnostics. Software version numbers and connection information may be sent to us from the vehicle in order to provide the connectivity features and conduct over-the-air updates. More detailed information can be found within our Connected Car privacy policy on the Ford website.

Q: Can I decide which data is collected?

A: Yes, you can. Your SYNC system keeps you in control. You can set your preferences in vehicle, including in relation to what connected vehicle information is shared with us, under Connectivity settings at any time. You can find out more about in-vehicle controls in your owners' manual. Please note that disconnecting the vehicle or making changes to data sharing settings may impact the quality or availability of certain services like Live Traffic, or Remote Lock & Unlock.

Q: How do I know what data is collected by FordPass Connect?

A: Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, some information may be provided in-vehicle. You are able to read about all the data collected through FordPass Connect within our Connected Car privacy policy on the Ford website and you can manage this data sharing within the Connectivity settings in the SYNC screen.

Q: How will this data be used?

A: We commit to managing your personal information, including your connected vehicle information fairly and in accordance with our privacy policies and the law. For full details see our Connected Car privacy policy on the Ford website.

Q: Is the data transferred to other countries?

A: Data is transferred to and stored on servers operated by us and our service providers. Your personal information will be treated in accordance with local law concerning data protection and may be transferred within the European Economic Area ("EEA"), as well as to countries outside the EEA (including to the USA). More information can be found within our Connected Car privacy policy on the Ford website.